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Happy Mothering Sunday!

subject says it all, folks.

I'm sat here, about to open my Singstar QUEEN (didnt i totally call that a few months ago???) cd and sing my heart out, on Mother's Day. Thrilled. :)

R made me a card and a bracelet at school, BH brought me breakfast and has been helping me do some things inc getting in the loft and sorting out kids' clothes and toys. B is cute and very feisty today.

I am grateful to god for my family, my two beautiful and amazing girls and my husband, without whom my children wouldn't exist, and I certainly couldn't cope...

Its been an interesting morning on memory lane, looking at clothes R wore and i forgot to get out for B (was too tired, B's sleepless nights made me a zombie between months 4 - present date)... Hard to believe R was ever that small! Part of me misses her babyhood, the rest of me is thankful she's a grown up girl person to interact with and enjoy and talk to. Babies are very fragile and unbearably hard work, and I personally don't find much reward in the anxiety and postpartum madness, except to know that they are on their way to being bigger and less breakable...

Not having ANY help of any kind except BH, doesn't help that. If i had someone to pitch in, say, MIL perhaps, then i might have more time to9 breathe, relax, and enjoy my babies... Still. can't have it all,  but i've sure got a lot.

So sad about Jade Goody, dying on Mother's Day. That is so unbearably sad. She may have been a scumbag at times, but she leaves behind 2 children who love their mommy no matter what, and that breaks my heart. She was only 27, 5 years younger than me ffs. Life sucks sometimes. Makes me hug mine a bit tighter today, yes.

Anyhoo, happy Mothering Sunday to the moms on my f-list and anyone else reading. Ring your moms today, tell them thank you.

[livejournal.com profile] nine_girl , i know this day must be hitting you hard. remember you did your best for her, and she was undoubtedly grateful for every minute you gave her. if my girls grow up to be half the woman you are, and 1/4 the daughter you are, i'll be proud. love you, sweety.