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2025-12-25 11:33 am

Friends Only {topped post}

Partially friends only fandom-related journal. If you want to friend me, please read my profile first.
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2009-05-04 08:43 pm
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testing dreamwidth

well this is my first official dreamwidth post, though i imported my entire LJ (and it only took a few minutes!!)

i havent moved all my style and etc, but i may well want to do this one differently anyway.
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2009-05-04 03:31 pm
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i have to say...

that like SB, i'm losing interest in LJ / not intending to renew my paid status.
I'm not going to delete my journal, but i'm struggling to integrate it into my life, and with some of LJ's dubious business practices of late, i'm just not going to fund them from our purse any more.
I'll pick a handful of icons and be done with it.
You guys know you can find me on Facebook, and that i do use as it allows me to keep up with local peeps as well as long lost friends from school and even the local weatherman from my hometown puts his forecasts up there!
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2009-05-03 09:01 am
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Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee

that's all. 33 today. Crikey moses.
Got rose bushes from my kids and breakfast in bed.
gonna go out for chinese buffet today.

love you guys. been tired and a bit down these past few weeks. not sure why. maybe this is the start of an improvevment :)
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2009-04-28 10:41 am
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children and sleep


No shit, sherlock. Certainly in this house, a sleep deprived child/baby is a hyperactive one later that day. And my bad sleeper is more hyper than my good sleeper is. Even in my own family, my ADHD brother was a crap sleeper... Chicken or egg? Who knows. Linked together? Yes. I bet if you treat the sleep problems, you probably won't need to treat the ADHD  (with amphetamines, which are stimulants that keep you awake...)
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2009-03-26 04:52 pm
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Happy 6 months, Bethany!

subject says it all.
teeth, crawling, solid food, and still breastfeeding.
becoming quite the personality, too! grins, laughs, giggles, etc.  so friendly and outgoing.
a lot of fun to be with (but still exhausting)...
(That's 4 total years of lactating for me...)
yay all around! :D
(notice i didnt mention sleeping? lol)
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2009-03-22 10:19 am
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2009-03-11 10:07 pm
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not just teeth

this week, though we have two shiny teeth breaking through...

now she CRAWLED today as well.

my girls make me SO PROUD. :D :D :D
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2009-03-09 05:11 pm
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after a

dreadful weekend...

we have 2 teeth, coming in together.

Just like R.
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2009-03-03 05:35 pm
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DT RND09 ...

lookit what i got today in the newsagents... lookit what i got today in the newsagents...

isnt he pretty:?

clicky for waaay biggerness.

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2009-02-28 09:52 pm
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have done a flist cull

I did it. I culled my f-list.

Mostly comms and feeds, only one or two people.

If i chopped you, its not personal, its that my friends page was getting so big and overwhelming, that i needed to remove some stuff so i could actually get it backread in the mornings before school.

As it was, i've not been reading much because it was overwhelming.

Anyhoo i love you guys and sorry for neglecting. Struggling a lot with the 5mo old who avoids sleeping like the plague... the all-night human pacifier/dummy routine is getting difficult to deal with, yes.

Plus there's some family drama/tragedy taking place, and it looks like nanny, 88, bladder cancer, who is in hospital at the mo, went in for some virus, may not make it. Harder explaining it to R than trying to come to terms with it myself! sigh.

xx much love
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2009-02-21 09:22 am
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new toy arrived!

and its worth every bit of anticipation!

yay samsung! :)

mazuma giving me £100 for my N82... also yay! :)
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2009-02-16 04:12 pm
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I want it. 0_0

I love that movie... I'm not from London indeed...

[livejournal.com profile] purplebug , where's that I feel Unusual icon of yours?

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2009-02-01 09:13 am
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photographic evidence of teh cute...

This house is so full of teh cute that it's enough to cause cavities... here's proof.
cuttered for space... )
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2009-01-20 11:43 am



MacGyver is on FX at 11am... and my V+ box is recording every episode :)

(i dont watch tv in the day, but after R goes to bed, while i'm getting B to settle, something good to watch is tres bien)

*dies*  -- now i need RDA icons, yes.
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2008-12-29 10:49 am
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No panto...

at the Worcester Swan with extended family tomorrow for us...


Diagnosed by the senior partner at the GPs this morning with a magnifying glass. lol ...  Just as well, BH is home with us all week save Friday and doesn't go back to work until Monday, so I have help with a sickie R, and B who will probably get it too...

R doesnt resume school until 6 Jan and we have an IEP meeting on the 7th, hopefully R will be well enough to return but we may decide not to send her back until they correct a huge number of issues... ? Don't know. It'd be nice if she didnt have to go back until they've sorted a few things out, that's for sure.

Ah well, i didnt have any plans this week anyways, and it will be lovely to have my girls and my husband home with me, quarantined lol, and us just being together as a family - BH hasnt been home more than a few days since B was born, so it is lovely to have help.
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2008-12-25 10:11 pm
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my f-list.
Been a good, if fraught, day. Took 90 minutes to open the gifts, we had so many. I wrapped rinky dinky shit like socks and gloves individually - if i had realised we'd have 75+ gifts to open from everyone else like friends, aunts and my mom and MIL etc, i'd never have done it! Live and learn.
R did most of the unwrapping because i was holding B and BH was holding the camera... She *loved* it.
Loads of good loot, and even if stressed by a baby who didnt want to sleep (only sleeps in the pushchair, sigh), and who was teething like mad, it was a good day. Looking forward to tomorrow, gonna go hit the local park with BH's new camera tripod and 45L hiking backpack i got him from a charity shop for £5 :)
FIL, still miss you. Wish you were here to see the girls.
Love you all, f-list and LJ. x
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2008-12-18 01:00 pm

Shelf Life

Shelf Life is available.

I have an entry in it, as does my friend [livejournal.com profile] alawston .

Go forth and buy.

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2008-12-10 10:17 am
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should be shot. and drowned. and have his mouth taped shut. And worse.

If i have to listen to The Saviour's Day ONE MORE TIME, i might hunt him up...