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I've found something leaner!  Hee :)

I've gone local for butcher and greengrocer, and will never look back.

Tescos, your meat and veg suck. Nyah!

I'll still buy other stuff there because the prices are unbeatable on clothes and laundry soap and cereals and tea and all sorts, but not the main part of our meals, not any more.  Not now that i understand what free range and grass fed REALLY means...
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Holidays are officially over as of today. Tomorrow school and playgroup resume.


I'll feel better back in my daily routine, and I'm sure pumpkin will as well. Its not been easy round here for the holidays because nothing is as it was prior to the 22nd of Dec...
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Now, i normally don't support shops like tesco because they're taking over the world, but:

we've spent about £200 there this 'month' so far (since payday, the 16th -- that's like 4 days' worth of spending, ohmygod):

* i got pumpkin 3 nice long sleeved shirts for £5. They have a wide neck so she can get them on without having a meltdown.
* the turkey (and other veg to go along side it) was a reasonable price
* I just got a lovely 38F bra for £5. wow. (santa can give it to me later, heh) -- if i had known that tescos did bras big enough for my watermelons, i'd have been shopping there long time. I'd really have rather had a G but i can make do with an F.
* we got lots of nick nacks for not a lot today - crisps, cookies, mince pies, and various xmas stuff to eat in the days after xmas when we're bored and want to snack
* i'll get my glasses there next payday - prisms don't cost any extra, so i can have my lenses for free, you just pay for frames. even the test was free yay. frames are £99 with a £10 off voucher, yay
* better half has been finding organic meat at nearly non-organic prices - yay
* organic milk isnt even that much more dear than regular milk

And clubcard points? Better half hasn't been bothering with them... i signed us up with a clubcard a few weeks back - we'll make a killing on it. Wish we had all the years' past points to add on, duh. What a dummy.

We've spent waaaay too much, but its been lovely to find all the stuff we need at not outrageous prices.

Tescos - love you long time. Love you more now that i live within walking distance. yay.
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went well on Saturday. Had a lot of fun. Good fun.

Nosy bossy know-it-all family members annoy the fucking shit out of me and hurt my feelings, especially the really bloody manipulative ones, but alas.

We still had fun, though. Family politics aside.
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Tuesday we had a christmas nativity play at playgroup. - i got to see pumpkin be an angel in the play, in a costume and everything. I was able to record this one with my nokia, even though i was 'in' it as well, helping keep the shepherds in place, ha ha.

Today we had 'carols round the tree' at nursery school. - i got to see pumpkin sing and dance some unbearably cute songs. We couldn't record it, natch, but there was a DVD made earlier in the week, so i will get to purchase and take one home for better half to see.

I ♥ Christmas. This is SO MUCH FUN. :)
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and you know you're domesticated when:

You get excited about getting a  vacuum cleaner for Christmas. That's really sad actually...

I have a Dyson.

I have the DC03, the so-called 'lightweight' older one - its a few years old now, got it in 03. I've always had a Dyson -before that, it was the really old DC01.

I hate it. Its heavy, its hard to push, it hurts my neck. It sucks, and it works, but meh. Dyson isnt all its hyped up to be. Not after a few years of use, and not at that extortionate price, anyway.

Today, i got a little bagless Vax Astrata off ebay for next to nothing. Yay.

It sucks too.
I can push it without pain.

I am happy.

This new house is much less dirty/dusty than the old one - the old one was 15 feet from a very busy road. This one isnt. One more reason to live in a maisonette off the busy road. YES.

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Four birthdays is a lot. I remember when she was the biggest bellay in the WORLD.


Oh what a fun day we've had. I loved it :)
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Better half has high functioning autism as well.

Learning disorders psychiatrist diagnosed him just now.

Wow. Well that explains a lot.

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Back broken and covered in bruises - have worked faster than a striped ass ape, as they say back home, for 4 days so far.  Ah the new house ROCKS. Close to everything, so nice inside, am so happy. So very happy. Could squee, really. Will take pics when it's all de-boxed. Living room still looks like a bomb went off...

Virgin promise they'll mend the landline tomorrow - we'll see.

They also owe me about 60 minutes worth of refunds for calling 0800 and 0845 numbers on my orange mobile - at 35p/min, that's ouchie! Gotta send them my orange bill when i get it, they'll give it back to me on the virgin bill etc. Meh. And the remote doesn't work with the brand new set top box they sent me. Typical Telewest really. Er i mean Virgin, yeah that's it.

Gawd i missed teh intarwebs - taking care of biz on my nokia just wasn't the same. I mean, i could post and email and stuff, but typing took so long, so utterly very long even with predictive text. Still, loving my N95, though the web app eats the memory up til you have to reboot after about 15 mins. Must look into opera mini when i get time.

Glad to be back. If you posted anything important in the last 5 days that you want me to see, link it. There's no way i can read my f-list back 5 days, it'll break my brain, never mind taking a week to do :/
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IEP - in place. To be reviewed again after Christmas, in the half term in February.

Our school? RULES.

Worth moving house for. YAY!
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