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No shit, sherlock. Certainly in this house, a sleep deprived child/baby is a hyperactive one later that day. And my bad sleeper is more hyper than my good sleeper is. Even in my own family, my ADHD brother was a crap sleeper... Chicken or egg? Who knows. Linked together? Yes. I bet if you treat the sleep problems, you probably won't need to treat the ADHD  (with amphetamines, which are stimulants that keep you awake...)
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at the Worcester Swan with extended family tomorrow for us...


Diagnosed by the senior partner at the GPs this morning with a magnifying glass. lol ...  Just as well, BH is home with us all week save Friday and doesn't go back to work until Monday, so I have help with a sickie R, and B who will probably get it too...

R doesnt resume school until 6 Jan and we have an IEP meeting on the 7th, hopefully R will be well enough to return but we may decide not to send her back until they correct a huge number of issues... ? Don't know. It'd be nice if she didnt have to go back until they've sorted a few things out, that's for sure.

Ah well, i didnt have any plans this week anyways, and it will be lovely to have my girls and my husband home with me, quarantined lol, and us just being together as a family - BH hasnt been home more than a few days since B was born, so it is lovely to have help.
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Baby is fine. I am so relieved.

Got to see everything, all the bits, even the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, kidneys, bladder, long bones, all sorts. Switched the scanner to 4d mode but a hand was blocking the view of the face so no movies of smiling cherub faces or anything this time.

And its a girl :) which is very groovy :)

I get another scan at 28 weeks so i'll get to see her again!

Now we gotta start working on names. *ponder*

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There's only one baby! Exactly the same date as i had thought, 11 weeks 0 days, today. Due 19 September.

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Thank heavens for tescos, who had only 2 flavours, strawberry or chocolate.

I got 2 boxes of strawberry. Yum.  Goober likes em too :)  Serious flashback to 1985 when we all ate em hot from the toaster before school, because it was the thing to do.

I'm enjoying the craving-of-the-day game these days, which usually involves something sweet or strawberryish, but might encompass chicken or mayonnaise or even tuna.

But nothing with tomatoes in, no vegetables, no meat besides chicken or tuna, no cod either, no chocolate (?!?)  and NO cooking - can't bear them. :/ 

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So, been thinking a lot since the midwife's phone call yesterday. First midwife apptmt arranged for  4 Feb in the morning, so i have til then to figure out wtf i want.

Sigh. Fingers crossed I have a better experience this time around.
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Its frozen outside. The frost makes pretty patterns on car roofs. Brr.

Also, i'm pregnant.
Cuttered for surprises... )
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Messing around with my network card (it was in b mode, i wanted full g mode, meh), i managed to mess my installation up enough to really screw myself. bcm43xx______.fw files and the wl_apsta.o file had to be cuttered up with the firmware cutter and the bcwml5.sys driver file wasn't the right one and all kind of complicated shit. Argh. So i started reinstalling today to fix stuff.

Somehow, it was placing the folders in /home/leonie on the desktop. I thought they were shortcuts. They were in fact, the actual folders.

I lost *8* years worth of email today in one shift-delete.  HAIRY BOLLOCKS. *wail*

So if i have your email address.. or make that HAD, I haven't any more. Can you email me? leoniedelt at googlemail dot com.

Also, pumpkin is apparently allergic to something at nanny's - the second time she's been there and her whole face has gotten swollen up, her eyes gotten red and watery, her nose got all snuffly, and her voice raspy. Poor little thing. Either she's allergic to nanny (oh how i wish i were!) or she's allergic to bichon frise. Probably the second one.
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The dreaded lurgy sucks. I feel like *shit*.

However, I've accomplished Sommersby and Malice today. Again.

God i love Orin, I'd shag him even when he's being evil, and Andy in Malice brings out the mother in me, yes.

I'll be iconning Orin. Yum.

That is all.
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