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that like SB, i'm losing interest in LJ / not intending to renew my paid status.
I'm not going to delete my journal, but i'm struggling to integrate it into my life, and with some of LJ's dubious business practices of late, i'm just not going to fund them from our purse any more.
I'll pick a handful of icons and be done with it.
You guys know you can find me on Facebook, and that i do use as it allows me to keep up with local peeps as well as long lost friends from school and even the local weatherman from my hometown puts his forecasts up there!
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I did it. I culled my f-list.

Mostly comms and feeds, only one or two people.

If i chopped you, its not personal, its that my friends page was getting so big and overwhelming, that i needed to remove some stuff so i could actually get it backread in the mornings before school.

As it was, i've not been reading much because it was overwhelming.

Anyhoo i love you guys and sorry for neglecting. Struggling a lot with the 5mo old who avoids sleeping like the plague... the all-night human pacifier/dummy routine is getting difficult to deal with, yes.

Plus there's some family drama/tragedy taking place, and it looks like nanny, 88, bladder cancer, who is in hospital at the mo, went in for some virus, may not make it. Harder explaining it to R than trying to come to terms with it myself! sigh.

xx much love
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I've made a new banner. I'm not a master at these gimpy brush things, not yet. But i'm having fun trying.

Bill Pullman is sex on legs.

That is all.
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I think i like this one. Just a css style sheet, that's all.

Not sure. I've modified it quite a lot to suit my tastes, but some of the fonts are still too big imho.

Don't panic if you see my journal's look changing a lot in the next few days. I'm working on it.

I'm also re-tagging every entry. I noticed a lot of old tags were still there, inc ones with pumpkin's name in it, and everything! ACK.

Oh, and icon-hee :) I thought the look on his face when that kid was dropping bags of straw onto David's head was *hysterical* :) What a meanie he looked like!

edit: done. all entries tagged properly, all the way back to the start of time. 270 entries. Sadly, there are several months last summer where there are no posts, but i had no choice. All way old icons are fixed now, and the links work properly. Tag list included in my sidebar, as the page summary was screwed up somehow, and because the tags now work effectively. Phew - that was a lot of work! But i like the new layout, even if i had to tinker a lot to get things looking even remotely okay...
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I made all my reviews and icons and etc public, since the dawn of my journal. Not sure if its wise as they'll all be picked up by google and etc, but i wanted people to be able to see what i think/feel, and my icons etc. F-locked posts will be about my writing, and things of a more personal nature. People at OG etc will want to know about me and i want them to see that i do post and review stuff, the rest is f-locked. Also it became an issue getting back into uk_telly, because my entire journal was f-locked except for one entry!

If you dont want some of your comments out there, feel free to tell me to remove them or remove them yourself, i dont mind and i wont be offended. Believe me, i understand the need for privacy. I just wanted to establish a slightly less hermetic online presence by making reviews and icons and picspams only public...
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new banner coming on.

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Date created:2006-05-09 13:29:14

Well hot damn. Where has the year gone?

So much of my life was on LJ, til i had to delete it in March, and I am sad about that. But life goes on.

Lets hope the next year is uneventful, eh?
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But it looks like shit!

If anyone can do better, I'll happily email you the original images, there's just 3 of them...

I am sorely lacking in potatoshoppery skillz :(

edited: Thanks be to [profile] caribbean_moon for her outstanding banners, of which i picked number one to put on my journal. Thanks, babe for taking the time for me :D

*covets your potatoshop skills*
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a new banner at the top and a few new icons / uploaded a few new ones. Whee.

I'm going to make a few more icons tonight, i suspect. I've had some ideas while folding clothes.

And now that the first draft for TF is done, i want to write something else. Something short, and possibly independent of Who, but involving time travel / the future. I'm thinking of a prequel or missing scene(s) to the Outer Limits episode 'Virtual Future' ...

God i love to write. It makes me feel so good about myself when other things are dragging me down.

Reminds me, i saw an advert on a bus today about a new Nick Cage movie about the future.. the byline was something to the effect of 'If you can see the future, you can change it' - wonder what that's all about?

edited: Saw the trailer for 'Next' - that Nick Cage film. Not impressed, really. We've seen this a thousand times, havent we?

But it gave me ideas, and got me thinking. And this bit of fiction i'm feeling inclined to write, is entirely independent of Doctor Who or anything else. It'd be original fiction with all original characters. I've got a central character in mind, been working on naming him and thinking up / clarifying the main premise of the story all evening. Yes. Cor, I'd love to get this published too.
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in case anyone is specifically not watching [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho because of specific posters there who annoy people and really ought to get the boot but i just ignore them...

Dead Ringers' Torchwood spoof on Youtube, parts one and two.

Apparently John Barrowman is the big 4-0 today. Happy birthday, John.
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