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posted by [personal profile] leoniedelt at 09:27am on 12/01/2008 under , , ,
Its frozen outside. The frost makes pretty patterns on car roofs. Brr.

Also, i'm pregnant.

4w 1d.

Estimated due date since i know the date and time we conceived (boxing day, 9pm, 100% planned and intentional), is about the 19th of September. Longest luteal phase I've ever had, 16 days!

We gotta start thinking about names and re-collecting baby stuff (that we got shed of because we were sure we'd never want to do it again), and all that! Spose i better put a ticker in my profile so i can keep up with it, lol :)

edited to insert image:

Also a cute pic of my sulky britches goober:

She says she wants a sister to play with her toys with. :)
Egads i can't wait. :D
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posted by [identity profile] mercurygrrl.livejournal.com at 10:21am on 12/01/2008
I'm guessing congratulations are in order? :D

posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:23am on 12/01/2008
Damn straight they are! 100% planned :D

*happy dance*

Thanks :D
posted by [identity profile] kaishay.livejournal.com at 10:24am on 12/01/2008

September babies are lots of fun! But watch out for summer, if we catch for a hot one, you're going to need some good fans.. be pre-warned before everyone buys up the good ones, else you'll be caught out like i was in 2006.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:49am on 12/01/2008
Yeah, i thought of that - what a shite time to be busting pregnant in the heat of summer? But hopefully it'll be mild and not too much fuss. We have work to do at the allotment anyhoo!

Thanks babes :D
posted by [identity profile] nightbeast.livejournal.com at 10:29am on 12/01/2008

September 19th is a good day to be born. It was the day I met David Tennant. It makes you intelligent for being one of the eldest in your class at school. It makes you a bit short, though, as you don't get a lot of sun exposure in your first months.

I often research names and their meanings when I'm creating original characters in my stories. I find this resource helpful.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:48am on 12/01/2008
My mom is a Sept baby, she was born on the 6th. My dad is ALSO a Sept baby, he was ALSO born on the 6th.

He was born in 1949, she in 1951, but on the same day. Odd eh?

I hope we get a birthday near theirs. It'd be the ultimate in special.

As for sun exposure, mommy will be taking vit D, along with loads other healthy stuff, so no worries. :D

Thanks! :D
posted by [identity profile] elledwen.livejournal.com at 10:33am on 12/01/2008
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. *hugs!*
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:46am on 12/01/2008
Thank you :) I am so excited i could explode :D
posted by [identity profile] caribbean-moon.livejournal.com at 10:57am on 12/01/2008
OMFG!! That's awesome girl!!!!!!!!! Congrats! :)

posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 11:00am on 12/01/2008
EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee! I could asplode! :D

thanks :D
posted by [identity profile] gilesgurl.livejournal.com at 11:21am on 12/01/2008
OMG, congratulations! *HUGS* September 19th was my Pop Pop's birthday, and when I read that, I got a bit sniffly (my grandfather passed away six years ago, he was 80 years old, we think. My mother told us that he was born in 1921, but then she told us that the year that her father was born might have been 1920.)

My mom told me a story that she went to the doctor and was told that she had a tumor. The next time she went back, the doctor said to her, "Mrs. Blau, why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" That supposed tumor that was in acutality a baby was Yours Truly. My mom gave birth to my brother about three years later and then didn't have any more kids after that.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 11:27am on 12/01/2008
Aww :) What a tremendous honour to have a baby on the same day as your Pop Pop :)

*big* hugs to you! :D
posted by [identity profile] purple_bug.livejournal.com at 11:31am on 12/01/2008
Wow, that's a brilliant bit of news! I'm really happy for you :oD
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 12:40pm on 12/01/2008
Eeeeeeeee :D

Thanks :D
posted by [identity profile] blasphemae.livejournal.com at 01:02pm on 12/01/2008
I check my friends page and I start reading your entry and there's this calm, out of nowhere, "Also, I'm pregnant." right before a cut, and since it was so calmly written I didn't realize what I'd read until a few seconds later. LOL!

Anyway! That's awesome, congratulations! XD
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 01:45pm on 12/01/2008
Bwahahaha! That's how i planned it to be read! ;)

Thank you :D Been out and fetched in some antenatal multivits, and i'm all set to go!
posted by [identity profile] faith-less-one.livejournal.com at 01:10pm on 12/01/2008
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 01:45pm on 12/01/2008
aww, thank you! :D
posted by [identity profile] romanticizing.livejournal.com at 02:16pm on 12/01/2008
Oh my goodness, congratulations!!! That's so exciting! And hurrah for September babies--me, my sister, and my dad were all born then :) Any names jump out at you immediately?
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 02:23pm on 12/01/2008
Yay woot! Sept babies ROCK :D

Well... our surname begins with L. My daughter's name actually ends in L, but it flows well, and her name means something very special to our family - her initials are named after FIL's initials. He passed away in 2002.

So, possibly another female name with RDL as initials. Or maybe even a male name that way - Richard needs to be used IMHO, even if just as a middle/second name, since both my dad and better half's dad, who has passed on, were/are named Richard.

Hmm. Just dunno. I like traditional christian / hebrew / from the bible names. And largely these days, no one uses them! People are into relly kreativ speelings ;)
posted by [identity profile] trusea.livejournal.com at 02:27pm on 12/01/2008
Aw, congratulations! :)
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 02:39pm on 12/01/2008
Thanks! :D
posted by [identity profile] pontisbright.livejournal.com at 03:12pm on 12/01/2008

Delighted for you, truly.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 04:22pm on 12/01/2008
Whee! Come Sept, i'll be spending a lot of time nursing in front of the pooter ;)

Thanks, darlin :)
posted by [identity profile] bibliophile1887.livejournal.com at 03:34pm on 12/01/2008
Congrats!!! *hugs*
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 04:23pm on 12/01/2008
Thank you sweetie!

(i cant wait to see your announcement when its time - you and Kirk deserve an entire house full of kids :) )
posted by [identity profile] martoufmarty.livejournal.com at 04:31pm on 12/01/2008
OMG CONGRATS! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 04:32pm on 12/01/2008
Thank you, hon!! :D:D
posted by [identity profile] lixa-turner.livejournal.com at 04:54pm on 12/01/2008
Congratulations! That's absolutely brilliant :D I admit having to do a double take, because it just came out of nowhere. So happy for you!
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 05:09pm on 12/01/2008
Hee :D I wrote it like that deliberately ;)

Cheers, and thanks :D
posted by [identity profile] lonemagpie.livejournal.com at 05:01pm on 12/01/2008
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 05:11pm on 12/01/2008
Whee! When an Important Writer takes notice of my news, i know i'm special! :)

Thanks, hon :) I so excited :D
posted by [identity profile] aquirkofmatter.livejournal.com at 09:08pm on 12/01/2008
OH MY GOODNESS, CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great (slightly belated) Christmas present! :) xx

although, this may be my extreme naivety, or just extreme lack of any decent biology lessons at school, but if you conceived on boxing day how are you 4w 1d already? or am i just stupid?
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 09:39pm on 12/01/2008
Because bizarrely enough the 40 weeks start from the beginning of the last menstrual period, which means though technically i'm only about 10 days pregnant, 4 weeks have elapsed and only 35w and 5 days to go ... its weird but that's how they do it.

Yay! Merry Xmas me! :D

Thanks sweetie.
posted by [identity profile] nine-girl.livejournal.com at 09:09pm on 12/01/2008
*brain implodes*

You're going through all of that misery all over again - on purpose??!!! :D

Better you than me, love. Congratulations!!!


♥ ♥ ♥
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 09:40pm on 12/01/2008
lol - yup. heartburn's started already! ARGH.

This time i know what to expect, and i have a lot to do every day so i won't be dwelling on stuff or worrying so much like last time.

I'm insane, but we need to get cracking finishing our family, kwim?

*hugs* babe. ♥ you too :D
posted by [identity profile] hazzardgal.livejournal.com at 04:45am on 13/01/2008
excitingness!! congrats :D
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 08:36am on 13/01/2008
oh yeah! Thanks!

♥ that icon of Petey - what was he thinking?? lol A man for Emily indeed :D
posted by [identity profile] pinkslit.livejournal.com at 10:20am on 13/01/2008
i SUCK that i missed this! my f-list has been extremely chatty and i'm pretty self-involved.

i'm in the two week wait!

and yay for finding out early...i was 3w6d when i found out last time...it's so exciting!!!!
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:27am on 13/01/2008
I had a faintly pos tes on friday but it looked neg when i glanced at it, so i left it.

Today's the first day of my missed period, so i guess i found out early too!

I just cannot wait. I'm making lists of stuff i know we need, and i'm picturing bringing baby home / having baby at home, its so exciting...

i really want a natural birth this time. Last time i was begging for it to be over, this time i want to do it right.
posted by [identity profile] pmoodie.livejournal.com at 10:43am on 13/01/2008

Congrats for pregnantness!

posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 10:45am on 13/01/2008
:D I knew you'd react that way, hehe :)

And you'll be the only one to tell me i'm beautiful while big as a barn.

This is why i keep you around, you're a sweetheart :D
posted by [identity profile] schmusimausi73.livejournal.com at 12:50pm on 13/01/2008
Congratulations! What a surprise!!! :)

September is a great month to be born!

Wishing you an easy, uneventful pregnancy :)

P.S. Born Sept 20 ;)
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 01:02pm on 13/01/2008
Hee, we knew exactly what we were doing when we did it, and it only took one sexual encounter, one egg, one month of trying.

I'm apparently Fertile Myrtle. :P

That said, i needed to wait until we had the short one weaned and I had proper ovulatory cycles again, knew what was going on with her, had the husband all figured out as well, and moved house before we could even begin to think about bringing another life into the equation, kwim?

Sometimes i think i need a clone, and i probably won't have the luxury of making all the crunchy choices so fervently again this time around, like we'll probs use disposables for convenience and i may even need to buy a cot (!!!) because we have a double bed and cosleeping might be quite awkward (though we'll still try it!), so we'll see how it goes.

Pumpkin will be 7-8 when the wee one is in nursery school, so the wee one will definitely get into the same excellent school that pumpkin is in, yay! Oh the logistics of fitting all 4 of us in this tiny shoebox of a house! Still, it'll be worth it.

Thanks, Katie. I am so excited i could explode. I don't think i'll keep a running diary like i did last time, and if i do post about the fecking misery of being a pregnant sweaty whale it'll be friends-locked as I don't want it being Isle fodder like it was last time... but man oh man am i looking forward to the whole baby thing again :)

*hugs* to you, sweetie :D

(my parents are both 6 Sept babies, and you're the 20th, and another friends' grandpa was the 19th, so it looks like its a fab month to be born in - i hope we get one of those lucky special days!)

posted by [identity profile] happydalek.livejournal.com at 01:35pm on 13/01/2008
As they say in football, GOAL!!

Excellent news, and so calmly reported, too! Good for you. :D
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 01:36pm on 13/01/2008
Ha! I thought my method of dropping that particular ball was funny :)

Thanks! I am so excited :D
posted by [identity profile] hergrace.livejournal.com at 08:23pm on 13/01/2008
Congratulations! Hmmm...make it Sept. 13th -- that's my folks' anniversary. :-D

Cute cute pic of little sulky britches goober (hee -- love the nickname). Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 08:14am on 14/01/2008
Hee :D I oscillate between goober and pumpkin.. i try and keep it to one name on the net so ppl don't get confused :D She was all sulky that day, it was just before school started again. Once school was back in, she's been all smiles and no more cheek!

Thanks, love. We'll aim for some day in September, and hope its a good one ! :D
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posted by [identity profile] glitterfairy25.livejournal.com at 01:18pm on 14/01/2008
I'm a little behind, but I thought I'd still say it! YAY! AWESOME! CONGRATS AND ALL THAT!

do you know it's a girl? (too early to tell?)

On reflection, I find I have no really happy icons. that must be a bad thing. So here's Martha without a pancake on her head.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 01:43pm on 14/01/2008
Nah, no idea of gender, not yet. Won't know til 20w if i'm lucky.

No pancake! I'm disappointed!! ;)

*hugs* babe :D


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