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posted by [personal profile] leoniedelt at 10:49am on 29/12/2008 under , ,
at the Worcester Swan with extended family tomorrow for us...


Diagnosed by the senior partner at the GPs this morning with a magnifying glass. lol ...  Just as well, BH is home with us all week save Friday and doesn't go back to work until Monday, so I have help with a sickie R, and B who will probably get it too...

R doesnt resume school until 6 Jan and we have an IEP meeting on the 7th, hopefully R will be well enough to return but we may decide not to send her back until they correct a huge number of issues... ? Don't know. It'd be nice if she didnt have to go back until they've sorted a few things out, that's for sure.

Ah well, i didnt have any plans this week anyways, and it will be lovely to have my girls and my husband home with me, quarantined lol, and us just being together as a family - BH hasnt been home more than a few days since B was born, so it is lovely to have help.
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posted by [identity profile] pmoodie.livejournal.com at 10:58am on 29/12/2008
Arrg! Sorry to hear that R has the chicken pox!

It's probably best to get it at quite a young age though. Just make sure she doesn't scratch!
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 11:06am on 29/12/2008
It really is the best timing, frankly, as Christmas is out of the way so it doesn't mar the holiday, but yet its a week off so everyone's home anyway... we get an excuse to watch a lot of tv and play playstation / leapster without feeling guilty. I like it!

Poor R though. She was quite puny yesterday and the day before, but except for having some spots today, she's absolutely fine and quite chipper. And poor B! I really hope she doesn't get it or at least gets it very very mildly, at 3mo... not a funny thing to have and be a baby and not understand about itching/scratching... ?
posted by [identity profile] sweetheartwhale.livejournal.com at 11:49am on 29/12/2008
Oh dear, but better now than as an adult, believe you me. Lonemgpie had chicken pox a few years back and I've never seen that many spots. Neither had the Doctor whose only comment,having been called to the house and seeing his patient for the first time was "Bloody Hell, that's the most impressive case I've ever seen". The only reason he didnt send Lonemagpie to hospital was that he convinced himself the thermometer was broken when it read 111 ( 108 is of course normally fatal in humans, though we arent sure if Lonemagpie is, entirely, human). I took his temperature a day or so after with a neighbours themomemter and it was still 111. Luckily the spots seemed to have burnt themselves out in the effort of appearing and didnt actually itch mucn.

I nursed him for a week and barely left the room despite Doctor's advice to keep away in case I got shingles, which is apparently worse than chickenpox.His Mum and Dad came down to help and I didnt catch shingles or anything probably through sheer effort of will.

Anyway,hope all are better in your house soon. If I were you I'd use the time to get things sorted - chickenpox can take a while to get better from, you can certianly tell the school that!. !
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 11:59am on 29/12/2008
Thank you - i think we've weathered worse, actually, but we'll see.

I'm quite sure that [livejournal.com profile] lonemagpie is not entirely human... ;)
posted by [identity profile] psychokitten78.livejournal.com at 04:19pm on 29/12/2008
Oh no...here's to hoping she gets over it fast. I did give both of my kids the vax for that one...mainly b/c both their father and I had insanely horrible cases of it when we got it...I had the dang things in my throat, stomach and ummm..other areas inside. It was terrible. When you're nearly 10 and it's so bad they're thinking of hospitalizing you b/c of it...that's pretty bad. My ex had it almost as bad...that's just not good if you ask me.

Hopefully R gets to feeling better soon.
posted by [identity profile] leoniedelt.livejournal.com at 04:33pm on 29/12/2008
The vax isnt offered here for anyone but immune compromised kids like those with AIDS etc... that said, R has never had a vax nor will B, cause i'm one of those non-vaxing wackos, lol... I too had em in my girly bits and down my throat and on my eyelids, nasty.

Thanks - she seems to be coming through it pretty well unscathed. Course the morning can always bring another story...


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