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2009-03-26 04:52 pm
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Happy 6 months, Bethany!

subject says it all.
teeth, crawling, solid food, and still breastfeeding.
becoming quite the personality, too! grins, laughs, giggles, etc.  so friendly and outgoing.
a lot of fun to be with (but still exhausting)...
(That's 4 total years of lactating for me...)
yay all around! :D
(notice i didnt mention sleeping? lol)
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2009-03-22 10:19 am
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2009-03-11 10:07 pm
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not just teeth

this week, though we have two shiny teeth breaking through...

now she CRAWLED today as well.

my girls make me SO PROUD. :D :D :D
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2009-03-09 05:11 pm
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after a

dreadful weekend...

we have 2 teeth, coming in together.

Just like R.
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2009-02-01 09:13 am
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photographic evidence of teh cute...

This house is so full of teh cute that it's enough to cause cavities... here's proof.
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2009-01-20 11:43 am



MacGyver is on FX at 11am... and my V+ box is recording every episode :)

(i dont watch tv in the day, but after R goes to bed, while i'm getting B to settle, something good to watch is tres bien)

*dies*  -- now i need RDA icons, yes.
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2008-12-29 10:49 am
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No panto...

at the Worcester Swan with extended family tomorrow for us...


Diagnosed by the senior partner at the GPs this morning with a magnifying glass. lol ...  Just as well, BH is home with us all week save Friday and doesn't go back to work until Monday, so I have help with a sickie R, and B who will probably get it too...

R doesnt resume school until 6 Jan and we have an IEP meeting on the 7th, hopefully R will be well enough to return but we may decide not to send her back until they correct a huge number of issues... ? Don't know. It'd be nice if she didnt have to go back until they've sorted a few things out, that's for sure.

Ah well, i didnt have any plans this week anyways, and it will be lovely to have my girls and my husband home with me, quarantined lol, and us just being together as a family - BH hasnt been home more than a few days since B was born, so it is lovely to have help.
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2008-12-06 06:45 pm
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Playstation 2...

plus 2 Singstar mics
plus Abba Singstar game

equals ME HOARSE AND SORE but fuckinghell what fun!!!!!!! :D

Christmas came early again :) It aint a wii, its our old playstation, but its fun again and the whole family can play! Even B was singing :)

Oh, and my husband sings like a girl :) bwahaha !

Its wild how my control slipped with each song i sang, until i couldnt hold a note to save my life. Fun to see it on the screen :)

Singstar totally need to do a QUEEN one. Yes. Abba is fun, but Queen would be soooooo difficult!
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2008-12-05 04:53 pm
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someone tell my babies

TO STOP GROWING UP right this damn minute...

R is 5 next week. I am not prepared for a proper grown up girl, not yet. (she's got a proper smart mouth, too, lol). I want my baby back.

B can roll over and is trying to crawl. 10 weeks old. Once she gets that other arm out from under her body when she rolls, she'll be off. She's also fiercely biting anything that comes within the viscinity of her mouth...I want my baby back.

Damnit. Kids grow up too damn fast these days...

*proud mom*
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2008-11-24 01:13 pm
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some photos...

Some noteworthy pics taken in the last few days..
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2008-11-23 08:54 am
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a fascinating discovery...

So, if you wanna make gallons of breastmilk withOUT fenugreek or domperidone, all you gotta do is drink Oatly (in lieu of eating 5 bowls of oats per day, which is frankly disgusting).

2 mugs of chocolate Oatly before bed (to indulge my sweet tooth and make up for the Horlicks i usually drink but can't, because dairy really upsets B's reflux), and i'm engorged in the morning!  I can pump it off and freeze it for emergencies!

Man it feels NICE to be making enough milk to have to deal with OVERsupply, and not having to chemically induce it (as such)!

Between having enough milk for B all by myself, and having a new (Quinny Buzz) buggy that doesn't aggravate my neck, i feel like a new [happier] woman!

eta: and their non-cream cream is pretty damn tasty too. So much better than soya stuff, and better for ME, too, considering thyroid issues!

eta again: also loving and drinking at least one Supermalt a day can't be harming my supply either. God that stuff tastes good!

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2008-11-16 06:33 pm
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zomg noooooooooooooooo


someone tell her she's only 7+ weeks old, not supposed to be biting things and drooling and terrorising us all night, not yet....

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2008-11-03 08:00 am
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buggering hell

i've got to spend at least the next 5 months with NO DAIRY in my diet.

We performed a little experiment over the weekend which led to 4.5 hours of continuous crying and mucousy poop the next day :/ All i did was eat 2 butter croissants, some yoghurt and a cheese sandwich. Oh and a little cottage cheese. MEH.

So, that's me eating soya (ICK) or goat's stuff, until some magical time when her guts can cope with dairy proteins :/

Damn. Ah well, i did it for R and survived, but it wasn't pretty :/

Still,  at least i can control / alleviate her pain by making a choice not to eat stuff... its an expensive annoyance, but i'd be so many more times crushed if i had to put her on formula...not to mention the expense!

Speaking of which, domperidone is a miracle, oh yes. God bless domperidone and savvy GPs who will give it out...
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2008-10-26 09:32 am
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and it wasnt wind
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2008-10-20 01:10 pm
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my poor bewbies. have pity on them.
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2008-10-04 09:24 am
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my girls...

Just a snap this morning before showers and brekky etc.

R is 4y 8mo
B is 8 days old.

Aren't they precious?
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2008-09-30 12:15 pm
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my newest family member pics

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